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Thursday, August 09, 2007

My New Favorite TV Shows.. and why I'm brilliant

I'm a big fan of House. I love that show, even though the premise is always the same. Someone gets sick and House finds out why and typically is able to fix them by the end of the show. Gordon Ramsey is great on Hell's Kitchen, too, but you see more of the aspiring chefs than you see Ramsey. Kind of like watching Survivor if you really like Jeff Probst. I even heard Bob, Spike and Joe on the radio last week, playing an interview from a little boy who was lost in the mountains, forest, I don't know. The kid was lost for days and said he survived on berries and his own spit. He said he learned how to survive by watching Man versus Wild. Makes me think I should add that to my tivo list, but really, how likely am I to get lost in the wild and have to learn to use my pee wisely? There are two shows that I'm watching now that prove I'm brilliant.

West Wing

This show seems to have been on during the late 90's but I never watched it. I don't even remember hearing a lot about it. We've just started watching it on DVD from Netflix and it's a GREAT show! I really like all of the actors and I can hardly wait to watch it each night. I've given up on having other DVD's from Netflix in the house because I don't want to run out of West Wings to watch. Finishing a DVD on Saturday night means days without West Wing.

Now, the reason this show makes me brilliant is because I know it goes for like, 7 seasons, and it's not going to get really dumb and get canceled. Like when Digger was chasing Dominic Purcell on the show John Doe that was canceled. Why was Digger chasing him?? Digger was his only friend! We'll never know because the show got dropped and I wasted that part of my life wondering about John Doe only to have to make up my own ending. I can still see Dominic Purcell on Prison Break, which is also a great show, but how long are they going to be able to run. A lot of the guys have already been killed so I'm worried about where this show is going, too. But not West Wing. I know West Wing will keep going because my Netflix que is filled with the DVD's.

The Lyric Shows

There are two of them, I don't recall the names but I prefer the one with Wayne Brady over the strange little in sync guy. Wayne Brady doesn't need women dressed as bees in the background, and the dude can dance! This show may be short lived but I like it because I'm good at it. It's not like Jeopardy where I know none of the answers. I don't know history or geography. But man, do I know my song lyrics. Turns out I even know the lyrics to obscure Barry Manilow songs. So this show makes me feel really smart. Rob, who knows a few words of the chorus isn't as thrilled with the show as I am, but I could watch it all night. After I've watched a few West Wings, that is.


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