Kris Chambers

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

These should be standard issue...

I love my truck. Sure, it's short on storage and I feel like throwing a party when I eek out 13 miles per gallon. Yes, it takes forever to fill the tank with premium fuel and I feel a little in-your-face when I catch someone looking at me.

But it goes fast and has a growling noise that accompanies it. It holds all my kids, my double stroller, AND groceries. It has rain sensing wipers and dark sensing high beam lights. It has bling. It's also long.

It's quite long.

And up until this week, parking it in my garage must have been quite a site to watch. I'd pull in and put it in park, hop out and run to the back to make sure the entire truck was inside the garage. Not in yet, jump back into the drivers seat and pull up a little more. If I pulled in too far, I'd bump the dog crate and scratch the front of my rig. (Or as I thought I might refer to it, my pig, although that name hasn't really stuck yet.) If I was in, I'd have to make sure it was enough that the kids could make it around the back and not rub against the wet/dirty bumper. It was a fine line between being in and running into things.

Until now. Now I have what should come with every big truck. If you spend enough on a vehicle that you could buy a house in your home town, it should come with this. A parking mat. Yup. There is it. A yellow, rubber parking mat.

Now I pull in like a pro. I go over the first bump, but not the second. The dog crate doesn't move because I don't bump it. The kids can get around the truck. I can actually get out of the truck and turn it off. My neighbors are probably sad that the Great Chambers Parking Experience is over. They have Mike to thank. Thanks, Mike P!

If only we could cover all of the curbs so I don't bang up my wheels on them...The world really needs more rubber and less concrete.


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