Kris Chambers

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Punk Influences

Who knew I liked music with punk influences? Pandora Radio. They are the ones who told me. I also apparently prefer electric rock instrumentation, mild rhythmic syncopation (which sounds more like a medical problem than a choice in music), a dynamic male vocalist and vocal-centric aesthetic. If you haven't listened to pandora radio before, you're missing out.

Go there and create a new station based on someone you already like. Type in Incubus and you get Incubus and Incubus-like music like Smashing Pumpkins. Don't like the song, give it a thumbs down and help pandora narrow down their music for you.

Unfortunately just because you're an Eagles fan, they will assume you also want to listen to the Doobie Brothers. Just give them a thumbs down and they go away. Next up Eddie Money - hey, who knew the Eagles were like Eddie Money? "Think I'm in Love" - it's like I'm 15 again. Eddie Money was chosen because I like dirty electric guitar riffs. Again, who knew? Now my Eagles station is playing Queen. How cool is this?!

The song 1985 by Bowling for Soup was on the radio this morning. I look in my mirror and Beckett is dancing like a crazy boy. Both arms and legs are waving, only restrained by his 5-point harness. I just made a 1985 station so I'll hear songs like that one. You can't request a song by name, licensing and such, but they are playing a Bowling for Soup song called Ohio. That's funny. But I do get to listen to Fall Out Boy. More punk influences and that dirty electric guitar.


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