Kris Chambers

Friday, July 13, 2007

Twenty minutes in my life...

Okay, it may have all taken place in under 20 minutes, but here is a glimpse of yesterday morning.

Me up at 6 to shower, 2 kids up at 6:20 to...what? Who knows what they think there is to do at 6:20 in the morning? Maybe they like to listen to me complain that I have to start getting up at 5:30 so I can take a shower, although we don't leave the house until 8:30.

3 year old is in my bed, resting. Got up too early apparently. Risky since he's naked but I don't have time to worry about that. Last night, the shelf in the fridge that holds the milk was flooded because the whole milk sprung a leak. I poured the whole milk into various random containers last night. This morning, the shelf is flooded again with fat free milk. Why do these plastic containers keep leaking? Again, more sopping up milk and more random containers. Ten year old asking why milk is in different water bottles and which one does he use. which ones have the fat free milk? If I pour the whole milk on his cereal, he won't eat it. No time to worry about that, though, 1 year old has dirty diaper.

On the way to change diaper, notice cat vomit in hall. Tell 3 year old not to step in cat vomit. He's still in my bed. "You don't have to pee, do you?"

Don't feed your 1 year old too many blue berries. The blue stains their butt black. Scrubbing black off baby butt. 6 year old asking which milk to use. He also can't find a cereal bowl. Dishwasher was run last night be dishes are still dirty. Must not have worked. Distract six year old while wiping out used cereal bowl with random paper towel from the counter.

Take 1 year old to kitchen and deposit on floor, far from cat vomit. Get paper towels. Hear 3 year old screaming. Stepped in cat vomit. Tracked all down hallway and it's all over top of his foot. Take him to the bathroom to wash off. Back just in time to keep 1 year old out of tracked vomit.

Three year old slips and falls on hardwood floor because his foot is wet. Screams. Comfort him.

Take one year old back to kitchen and back to clean up vomit. Hear one year old yell, tipped over dog's water dish. His clothes and the floor are soaked.

Put one year old in high chair to restrain. Finish cleaning up cat vomit and remember to feed dog. Food container is empty. Go to wash room to refill container. One year old screaming because he's in his high chair and has no food. Toss hand full of cheerios on high chair tray. Now the dog doesn't want to go outside because one year old is throwing cheerios to him.

I definitely deserve a bubble tea.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Repeat after me...

Jac, while being coerced to use the potty says "I can't take it anymore!" Now, where could he have possibly heard that?